Coronado Beach Family Photos | Dani + Andy

November 10, 2022

Coronado Beach Family Photos | Dani + Andy

As a Coronado family photographer, there is no better spot to photograph family photos than at the sand dunes! Located on the beach, right next to the Hotel Del, the soft sand of the Dunes make for a great playground for the kids! With endless sand, it is totally kid friendly. They can run around and you don’t have to worry about them going to the street or water. The dunes kind of creates a maze for them to play in. In these Coronado Beach Family Photos | Dani + Andy brought their three adorable children for a beautiful sunset filled with fun and photos!

There are multiple angles to photograph from at Coronado Beach. I like to start on the sidewalk. This is because it’s higher than the sand, so you can get a better glimpse of the sand. Plus I love the greenery and wheat plants that are growing out of the sand. It gives a little east coast vibe to the photos. In addition, there are these giant rocks that you can sit on. I like giving that stone texture to the photos. In case your clients don’t like sitting in sand, sitting on a rock is much easier and less sandy.

When shooting family photos of clients with young kids or toddlers, I like to knock out the group shots first. Usually you get their attention more at the beginning, before they start to get tired and over it. This way you can get those formal posed family photos first and out of the way. Then when the kids start to get bored, you can let them run around and play. Here is where you bank on your candid and playful shots. It’s nice to give your clients a mix of formal posed and candids.



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