Scripps Beach Couples Portrait Photos | Nikki + Koa

February 13, 2021

Scripps Beach Couples Portrait Photos | Nikki + Koa

As a San Diego couples photographer, I love it when my clients go with the flow and are adventurous! We are in the middle of winter and these two lovebirds braved the cold water, after sunset! When couples are up for anything, the extra magic happens! These Scripps Beach couples portrait photos | Nikki + Koa showed us all how its done!

I mentioned this in my previous post, but I can’t stress it enough, it’s important to discuss the vibe of the shoot with your clients. You do that by learning more about them and what their vision is for the shoot. The goal is to always have each outfit tell a story. I learned that Koa plays music and Nikki writes music, so I definitely wanted to incorporate that into the shoot with their props. Koa brought his guitar and Nikki her writing notebook.

When scheduling for magic hour shoots, I always like to buffer extra time on the front end. This is to take into account any walking and in case your client is running late. Anything to help so you don’t feel rushed and are racing to get the photos.

Another helpful tip when scheduling beach shoots is to check the tide calendar! There is nothing like shooting at sunset during low tide. Seriously the stage is set for you!! I always like to pick locations with texture, that have rocks and or cliffs. It’s definitely worth taking a minute to check and cross check with sunset times and book it for that spot!

As you can tell from the photos, a red bathing suit looks good on everyone!!! It’s such a bold color and it definitely pops during blue hour!! I would highly suggest you recommend this color to your clients if they want to do a swim shoot. Red outfits are also reccomended when shooting in the snow, see an example here. I think red is a color that suits almost everyone!



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