La Jolla Scripps Woods Family Photos | Shue

February 13, 2021

La Jolla Scripps Woods Family Photos | Shue

As a San Diego family photographer, it’s always exciting when shooting your client’s first ever family photo session. You want the experience, as much as the photos, to be amazing!! It’s totally normal and common for most people to get nervous before a family shoot, so as a San Diego photographer, I always make it my top priority to make my clients feel confident and comfortable with me. These La Jolla Scripps Woods Family Photos | Shue family were absolute naturals, even though it was their first shoot!

Before shoots, it can be nice to discuss with your clients the location, time and even wardrobe for the shoot. As a San Diego baby photographer, scheduling shoots is important because you work around the schedule of the baby. This shoot started right before noon, which normally isn’t the best lighting. When deciding whether to work around light schedule or baby schedule, the baby always wins! Why? Cause you want a smiling baby, not a crying baby!

When dealing with non ideal lighting, it is imperative to have locations available to you that can assist you in diffusing the light. You can’t always dictate the time of your shoot, so it is good practice to go out and shoot at all different times of the day so you can prepare yourself. This wooded location has lots of tree coverage which I know helps diffuse the light.

I don’t have a rule regarding black and white photos. If a photo speaks to me and feels like a black and white portrait then I edit that way. Sometimes clients ask for color versions so just always be prepared to deliver that as well. A lot of times in candid shots that I like to convert to black and white.



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