ENGAGEMENT photos: Mount Laguna

March 14, 2019

I am a new fan of San Diego winter snow engagement photos! Even though we are technically in Spring, this crazy weather provided enough snow at Mount Laguna for me to capture one of my favorite engagement shoots to date! Having your engagement photos: Mount Laguna is where it’s at!

When my client asked me what they should wear I immediately thought RED!! There is something with the contrast of snow and the color red that makes for a bold photo, add her dark hair and voila! MAGIC! For him, I also suggested light blues, grays and plaid. I try to keep outfit colors and patterns simple so it doesn’t take away from the couple.

I mean I could have spent all day here!! Originally we were going to shoot at sunset, but I knew the snow wouldn’t last that long, so we decided to wake up early and do a morning shoot. It’s such a short drive off the 8 from San Diego that the early call time wasn’t too bad.

The weather, however, was cold, very very cold. They were troopers though and stuck it out! We definitely paused for coat warm up breaks, and those coats would hang on me, I must have looked like a grizzly bear!

They are one of the cutest couples ever!! Her fiancee could not stop staring at her and telling her how beautiful she is. I was scared I would tear up and that I would have tiny icicles on my face. But my oh my, they are a romantic and passionate couple! AMEN!

We didn’t have to drive so far up Mount Laguna. We literally stopped at the first official pull out and were happy with the open space of snow and trees. There was a huge rock which we used as well. We were VERY lucky!!

The bride to be had some other outfits to change in, but I was so blown away by her beauty in red that I said, you must remain the lady in red! Fortunately she had a red blouse! Also, I wanted her to warm up her legs and put on jeans! I told her from now on, she should only wear red, with the exception of her wedding day! I Cannot wait to shoot it!

When I saw his plaid shirt, I knew it was the winner. There was a little red in it which went well with her blouse. She felt even more cold in this outfit than in the first, even though she was bare legged in the first! So we had her use her poncho as well!

These two have major couple goals! The look of love they have for one another and the cute love exchanges they had made the snow melt! I swear! As were shooting snow was melting off the pines!

I am forever a fan now of winter snow photoshoots. Whether they are engagement photoshoots, wedding or maternity, anything really! I am down to go to the snow!

Her engagement ring is beautiful! You would have never guessed that she finished painting her nails right before we started our little road trip! Color went perfect with her ring!



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