Desert Garden Balboa Park Family Photos | Kelly + Kyle

February 17, 2022

Desert Garden Balboa Park Family Photos | Kelly + Kyle

As a San Diego family photographer, it’s awesome when your wedding clients, become your family clients too! In this Desert Garden Balboa Park Family Photos | Kelly + Kyle introduced me to Kenzo, their baby boy. The last time I saw him, he was in her belly, at their San Diego courthouse wedding. The desert garden at Balboa Park is a great way to feel like you are in the desert, without the travel time.

The best times to shoot here are in the early morning or sunset. Weekdays are definitely better than weekends as many people like to shoot here. The great thing about this location is that it’s green year round. As cacti can survive all year. The only difference is that in the spring and fall, some of the normal trees with leaves are present.

I loved Kelly’s dress! If you are curious as to where it’s from, it’s from Anthropologie. She did a great job is coordinating their outfits to flow together without looking so matchy. A great tip for styling family portraits is to pick 3 colors and dress within those color tones and shades. If there is a patter involved, have only one person wear a pattern. Everyone else should be in a solid color.

This was a morning session, so I had to be strategic on which areas to shoot in. Luckily some of the cacti are very tall, so you can use that to create shade. Also, I had them sit for some shots too, so they can be on lower ground. Those are the best shots cause then the entire backdrop is cacti. If your clients are not a fan of cactus, then definitely do not suggest this place as there is no out except for the rose garden next door. Balboa Park is just across the street though.



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