WEDDING photos: San Diego Courthouse + Star of India

November 20, 2019

WEDDING photos: San Diego Courthouse + Star of India

San Diego Courthouse weddings are always a good time. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and every time I photography a San Diego courthouse wedding at the San Diego County Administration Building I always discover a new hidden spot to shoot wedding photos at. This San Diego wedding had a bonus as the bride and groom wanted to add the San Diego marina as another San Diego Wedding Venue. I absolutely loved every moment of these wedding photos: San Diego Courthouse + Star of India. So what’s it like to be have a San Diego Courthouse wedding? Read along for more info.

Per my usual wedding photography timeline, I always start with the silhouette shots upstairs. This happens after the bride and groom have checked in and are waiting to be called to officially start their ceremony. You usually have on average like 10 min to wait, so I like to be efficient during that time and take my couple down the hallway to do these fun shots. As it’s just a silhouette shot, it’s a nice way to warm up with your couple. Takes off some of their nerves and their body is motion since I make them twirl a bit and I feel like it relaxes them and gets them pumped!

When it’s time to be called up you walk over to your ceremony site. You have two options as to your ceremony location. You can either get married inside or outside in the garden area. I personally would recommend outside as you have spectacular views of the marina and are surrounded by palm trees. Plus I love shooting with natural light. I would only choose inside if it’s going to rain. I believe you are allowed to choose a wedding date 6 weeks up until your desired date. So off you go and walk to your chosen ceremony site, entourage included.

Your friends and family can gather around the arch, you can even bring your dog or other pet! Ceremony is pretty quick, after that I take family and friends portraits with you and your partner. Usually I do them right in front of the archway or off to the side in from of the beautiful big palmtrees.

After that, we begin with your formal portraits. So the first hour is your ceremony and family/ friend portraits; the second hour are your formal couple portraits. You can always add more time if you want to add other locations. I have had couples book me for 3 hours and we finish on the beach at sunset. It’s your wedding day, so you can choose how much time and how many different locations to shoot at.



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