San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Lauren + Edward

September 1, 2020

San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Lauren + Edward

Another successful San Diego Courthouse wedding during the time of Coronavirus. I was so happy to be a part of these two special day with a very tight group of friends and family. The couple had a great surprise as they thought they were not going to be able to have an outdoor ceremony and then while they were signing their paperwork, I got the text from upstairs that they were being granted an outdoor ceremony by the arch! We were going to do a mock one anyway, but it was a real treat to be able to do the actual ceremony outside especially since family had driven in from Arizona.

The couple got emotional and I JUST LIVE FOR THAT!!! It’s always a reminder of how grateful and lucky I am that I get to be a part of these super special and intimate moments of people’s lives. We wedding photographers have one of the most fulfilling careers ever!

Especially now with COVID-19, emotions are running high. Though many couples have had to change their wedding plans, they remember that the most important part is to exchange their vows to one another and celebrate their love, however big or small. I have shot wedding where they have a whole audio visual component with cameras and Facebook lives and zoom live calls so that those that couldn’t travel could still be a part of it.

This was an early afternoon wedding ceremony. The light was shining bright so I definitely sough out shaded areas on my tour of the San Diego County Administrator Building. FYI the building was finished in 1938. The sunlight varies depending on the time of the year that you have your ceremony. Always remember that we can always shoot at a later time to get that magic hour light should your ceremony be scheduled earlier in the day The option is completely yours to decide.

I loved the bride’s pink hair and the groom’s uniform! Fun and quirky that matches the beautiful color of the retro building of the San Diego County Admin office and the ships across the street!! They were such a sweet and loving couple! Look at how they hold hands in the photo below.

The bride’s dress was such a hit, I made her do so many twirls and I told her what a natural she was and then I learned she had studied dance! I am all about them flowy dresses, super fun for the camera! Hers was from David’s Bridal. Her flowers I believe were arranged by her mom!

If you are planning a San Diego Courthouse wedding or wondering how to get married there, here is a guide I wrote about it. Keep in mind to always check their website for the latest information. For example, this was at the end of July and they were doing outdoor ceremonies, I shot one last week and they are only allowing ceremonies to be done at the Wedding Hut. So please always check their recorder’s website for the latest info.



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