San Diego Senior Portraits | Lauren

August 31, 2020

San Diego Senior Portraits | Lauren

Summer is coming to an end and San Diego Schools are starting, some in person and some virtually. This fall 2020 is looking a lot different for many San Diego high school seniors but they can still enjoy the tradition of having their senior high school portraits taken! Definitely a time to be remembered! These San Diego Senior Portraits I captured of Lauren were taken in Carlsbad.

Lauren’s mom opted for the 2 hour portrait session and we fit in 3 outfits. I think it makes the shoot more fun and diverse having different outfits. For a high school senior lady it allows her to express her different styles of fashion and personalities. Also, during the shoot, it gives you a reset button with every outfit.

We had a mixture of sun and clouds that afternoon. So when I saw a break of clouds I quickly brought us down to the beach for some shots. I had scouted the Carlsbad area before the shoot to make sure I picked out locations that were diverse but close to one another to allow for easy and quick outfit changes.

I am always happy to give feedback on outfits and so they had sent me some of the ideas they had and we both came to the same conclusions about which outfits to wear. So when I went scouting I had those outfits in mind to make sure they would pop accordingly. Bright and solids in front of the ocean. Prints with solid backdrops. It is always good to avoid heavy patterned looks so as to not take away from your subject or cause the shot to be distracting.

The lifeguards were super nice and didn’t mind us shooting in front of their station. It was perfectly timed, as soon as we got down to the sand, one of the trucks had pulled up to park. I couldn’t have asked for a better beach prop for Lauren’s senior portraits! I had asked her mom what areas of Carlsbad had significance to her and the beach was definitely one of them as well as the Carlsbad Village sign.



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