San Diego Senior Portraits | GC

March 10, 2022

San Diego Senior Portraits | GC

As a San Diego High School senior portrait photographer, I have so much fun getting to know the younger generation! Getting your senior portraits taken is a whole another story than when I did it. Now you can choose your location, as many outfits as you like, etc. In these San Diego Senior Portraits | GC, decided on Los Peñasquitos Ranch House for her session. She wanted meadows and trees for her backdrop.

Another cool thing about this senior portrait session is that she brought her friend! I would have loved to have gotten professional photos with my bestie when I was younger. So feel free to bring your bestie to your session and you can swap later and then go to his or hers too!

Before your senior portrait session, make sure to speak with your client about outfits. Let them know that if they would like feedback on outfits to send you photos of the looks they put together. You can advise them on what you think will photographic well, while still letting them show off their personal style. Accessories are always fun too!

Early mornings or sunset sessions are most optimal for senior portrait sessions. Ask your client which they prefer. Also you can have multiple locations, just make sure they book you for enough time to cover everything. Let them know they can get their hair and makeup done too.

If you are doing college senior portraits, keep in mind or let your client know that they can have one look be their cap and gown. If your client is changing outfits, let them know they might have to change in their car if there is not a nearby bathroom. Have them bring a hair brush. Have your lint roller handy too! It helps in post production so you don’t have to photoshop lint out of clothes. You will love yourself even more later!



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