Balboa Park Desert Garden Family Photos | L + D

May 3, 2023

Balboa Park Desert Garden Family Photos | L + D

As a San Diego family photographer, I love having so many location options to choose from. I always like to first ask my clients the broader question of what they envision for their family portrait shoot. Whether it’s the beach, park, meadow, city, etc. Once they give me a category, then I like to offer more specific location ideas. Sometimes, your clients will already know which location they want or are between two locations. Using your experience, you can help guide towards a location that will work best for them. In these Balboa Park Desert Garden Family Photos | L + D got an easy desert feel without having to drive out very far!

Usually, when I am working with clients and their little ones, we opt for a morning session. They are fresh from their naps or sleep time and are in fun and playful moods. As the day goes on, they will get tired and they might be restless during a session. Everyone is different and this isn’t a general rule of thumb, but definitely something to ask your clients what they prefer for their little one(s). When opting for a morning session, try to go as early as possible. The closer to sunrise the better. Unless it’s overcast, then you can push it back a little to three hours after sunrise.

The desert garden is beautiful, but I do always want to give the heads up to clients that there are thorns in the cactus! So if the kids are more rambunctious, it might not be the best location. You don’t want anyone getting pricked by a thorn! So make sure the kids know not to play around TOO much around the garden. We want to make sure safety is always first!



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