San Diego Personal Branding Photos | Tara Zirker

March 29, 2022

San Diego Personal Branding Photos | Tara Zirker

As a San Diego personal branding photographer, it’s fun getting to meet such interesting people! I have photographed business coaches, fitness coaches, and more! In this San Diego Personal Branding Photos | Tara Zirker was a speaker at the Social Media Marketing World conference. It took place at the San Diego Convention Center. She was asked to speak about Facebook and Instagram AD ROI. This personal branding session was a mix of creating content for her website and newsletter and also photographing her during her speaking event.

One of the most important parts of a personal branding photo session is the pre production work! Without proper prep work, you risk missing out on creating appropriate content for your client! Whenever I do prepare for a personal branding session, I always like to ask my client what this content will be used for and in what capacity. Are they creating content for their social media? Website? Newsletter? All of the above?

Then you take it a step forward. Ask your client what are the topics they are going to be discussing in their newsletter or social media post. You want to make sure they have the props they need so that the image makes sense with the copy. How many outfits do they want to use? For website maybe 3, but if they are going to be posting a lot of social media content, the outfits need to rotate more. This allows you to get an idea of how long of a session you will be needing with your client.

We were on a tight timeline but we were able to create a lot of content thanks to the prep work. We had decided on 3 outfits total plus props. When discussing what her topics were going to be we came up with the prop idea. Also, during the prep call, I asked her if there was a preference on photo positioning. Whether she needed more verticals, think insta stories, or horizontals, think website header. In this case she needed an even mix. She does use a lot of photos where she inserts quotes, hence a lot of the photos with her pointing.



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