San Diego Japanese Friendship Garden Engagement Proposal | Samirah + Michael

December 15, 2022

San Diego Japanese Friendship Garden Engagement Proposal | Samirah + Michael

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I love helping one half of a couple surprise the other half with a proposal! It is such an exciting time mixed with joy and nerves! There are some important details to work out and your photographer is there to help guide you. We want to make sure we execute your vision. If there is no vision yet, then happy to give suggestions and show examples of other proposals. In these San Diego Japanese Friendship Garden Engagement Proposal | Samirah + Michael had a very well executed proposal.

The Japanese Friendship garden is a guaranteed garden venue year round! You can book the venue for weddings, family portraits and more. You can either pay a small fee to rent out the place for an hour before opening or pay an even smaller fee to photograph during working hours. If the session is during the week, during non peak hours, I would go with the latter. Michael did a great job organizing with the garden to have everything run smoothly!

Normally photoshoots are scheduled early morning or at sunset. This is because it is the best lighting. Something important to note about the Japanese Friendship Garden is that it’s below ground level of the rest of the park. That means the sun dips behind the garden earlier than actual sunset. So you might want to start your session earlier than when you would normally do. This session was in the early afternoon, in December, so the sun was setting 3 hours after the session. There was a little bit of cloud coverage so the lighting was perfect!

A photo tip I would like to offer is, start at the bottom of the garden first, and then work your way up. This is extremely helpful if you are shooting near closing times. At least you can photograph as you walk up, but you can’t shoot at the base which is where all the beautiful action is at.



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