Sunset Cliffs Engagement Proposal | Aditya + Pranjali

September 11, 2022

Sunset Cliffs Engagement Proposal | Aditya + Pranjali

As a San Diego proposal photographer, it brings me so much joy to help assist in such a momentous day in a couples life! As a San Diego engagement photographer, the more you can help calm the nerves of the proposer, the better! More so if they are from out of town, because they are not familiar with the terrain. You are just one video call away from putting him or her at ease. In this Sunset Cliffs Engagement Proposal | Aditya + Pranjali enjoyed the view and the end of summer heat wave! Although it was a holiday weekend, we were able to avoid some of the crowds! Of course photoshop helped too!

A couple days before the proposal, I met with Aditya to scout some location options for his proposal. He explained to me what would seem normal behavior so that we wouldn’t pick a spot that seemed out of character. We decided on a spot right off the parking lot at Pappy’s Point. This way they could quickly enjoy the view and naturally want to take a photo without having to walk much. One of my tips for proposals is to always pretend you are taking a photo of the proposee. A picture of them from behind, this way when they turn around, the proposer is already down on his or her knee.

As it was Labor Day weekend, I planned to arrive extra extra early to make sure I could find parking and was ready for the big moment! To my surprise, there was a few open parking spots. Aditya let me know when he was on his way. I then left the car and went over to where I was going to make myself invisible and wait for the plan to unfold. To my utter surprise, there was a pop up picnic set up right in the middle of the pathway down the cliffs! It didn’t even occur to me that this could happen as this is a walk way down the trail. You learn that “you never know” and you can never be too ready!

I quickly tried to find another angle that would work as was in the same vicinity. I also had to be more away of the people walking by as this was more exposed. I texted him the new instructions. The moment came and it was executed perfectly, with a little help from photoshop! I know as photographers, we always stress about getting the shot! We have to lower our stress levels a little and remember that it’s about their moment. Were they surprised? Are they happy? That’s what really matters!



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