ENGAGEMENT photos: Torrey Pines Trails

August 14, 2018

ENGAGEMENT photos: Torrey Pines Trails

I was excited for this San Diego engagement photo shoot as it was my first time shooting at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. I had done hikes here before and had taken personal photos, but then I thought why not shoot engagement photos: Torrey Pines Trails! It gave way for a nice mix of flowers and cliffs! Even snuck a moon in one of the shots 😉 Can you spot the moon?

You can really feel the love the groom has for his bride to be as he was open and willing to bop around as we found various locations. No stiffness here, pure comfortable love! Definitely was using the flowers as props!

They are such a beautiful and loving couple and were super natural in front of the camera. There was no awkwardness, they just let me in to their love! Yes it sounds corny, but it’s true. It was like they were like alright, go ahead, we’ve got lots of emotion to show. Laughs, smiles and pauses. I tried to capture it all. The photo below is one of my favorites ever! The way the light shines only on her face, her authentic smile, the hair in her face and his embrace. It was a loving candid moment indeed!

ENGAGEMENT photos: Torrey Pines Trails

Switching from florals to cliffs! The sun was setting quick so we quickly moved down the hill where there is a lookout over the cliffs and ocean. The sky was a beautiful blue.

You can feel the low key and comfortable relationship they have. They wore comfortable clothes, solid colors (which I always prefer) and just focused on expressing their love for one another. We caught the tail end of that magic hour light! Letting their love shine on! I will definitely have more shoots here!


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