Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding | Trang + Riker

September 3, 2021

Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding | Trang + Riker

As a San Diego wedding photographer, we love it when we get to shoot at a venue we haven’t photographed at yet. I was thrilled when I was asked to photograph at the Japanese Friendship Garden Wedding | Trang + Riker! I had scouted the location a couple years ago in the hopes that one day I would have the privilege of shooting here! If you are looking for a San Diego garden wedding, this is it! The Japanese Friendship Garden is a garden oasis! Even more so when it’s cherry blossom season!! Wow what a sight! The day was overcast, but that made the green lush pop even more, not to mention the bride and groom’s wedding wear!!

As the ceremony area was limiting, I had to shoot from afar. When shooting ceremonies from a distance, I suggest using a long lens. I use the CANON 70-200mm lens. This allows me to get close without physically getting close. This is always great to use during ceremonies so you don’t feel intrusive or in the way. It is heavy, so I suggest using it for the ceremony and then switching to a prime lens. I have been doing that lately. I try to use my 85mm as much as possible but when when my clients are at a distance or I want more of a foreground cause they are on a cliff or something, then I use the long lens. Like I did on a recent San Diego proposal photoshoot.

There are many locations from which to shoot from. So many, that you may feel overwhelmed. Going ahead of time, with or without the client, to scout is a great idea! Also, it is important to ask your client if they have a specific shot that were wanting or a specific part of the venue that they like. You want to make sure you caption their must haves 🙂 Tip- if you are limited on time inside the garden, there are beautiful locations just outside the gate. So don’t worry if you weren’t able to maximize the area, you get a second chance!



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