Los Peñasquitos Ranch House San Diego Family Photos | N + J

December 4, 2022

Los Peñasquitos Ranch House San Diego Family Photos | N + J

As a San Diego family photographer, we know that fall is the season families get together to bond over a family portrait session. It’s the time of the year when families want to send and share news with their friends and family with a holiday cards. Naturally, many people opt for the beach as their location. What better bragging rights than being able to go to the beach in the fall winter time. Some people, do like that fall or more nature feel of a meadow and trees. In these Los Peñasquitos Ranch House San Diego Family Photos | N + J wanted to feel the fall in their photos. Los Peñasquitos Ranch House is one of my fave photoshoot locations as it offers many different backdrops of trees, meadow, stones, etc.

Sunset during the fall is perfect at this location! The sun comes through these beautiful trees, I think they are called weeping willows. Every time I shoot at sunset there, I can’t help but get excited on how beautiful the sun kisses the trees. I always like to start in that area first while the sun is up high. Then, as the sun ducks behind the mountain, I like to head over to the meadow and fence area. This way you avoid having the sun in their eyes. I love working that blue hour light over the meadow. On a clear evening, you get all the different colors of the spectrum in the sky.

Family portrait season can be overwhelming. More likely than not, the kids do not want their photo taken. Patience is key! If they start to get upset, don’t panic. Let them ride it out, let them take a break. Sometimes I find that if you start to take photos of the couple without the kids, the kids will want to join. FOMO is experienced by all, age does not matter. So take a breath. Use that time to explore a new location or different angle.


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