San Diego High School Senior Photos | Eli

January 31, 2023

San Diego High School Senior Photos | Eli

As a San Diego portrait photographer, I enjoy capturing San Diego high school senior photos! It’s a fun way to memorialize who you were at that age. An important transition in life. You start to feel more comfortable in your skin and are excited for the approaching adult world! High school senior portraits are way more fun now than they were before. You have more options and flexibility. You can choose your own photographer, you can choose your own location, you can create your own vision! In these San Diego High School Senior Photos | Eli opted for Balboa Park and its incredible backdrops! There are so many places to choose from and we still had a lot of ground to cover!

When preparing your client for their high school senior session, make sure to ask them what they envision. What kind of outfits they want to wear. Have them send you photos of the looks they have put together. You want to make sure they flow well with the backdrop. You also want to check their shoes to make sure they will be comfortable, especially if there is a lot of walking. Chances are they are not as familiar with the location you are photographing at, so they are relying on your expert advice.

When the senior portrait session is starting, make sure to build that rapport with the student. Some kids might be shy and it will show in the photos if they don’t feel comfortable with you. So make sure to take a couple minutes at the beginning to ask them what their favorite subjects or hobbies are. If you get them to talk about something they are excited about, that joy will shine through in their photos. Make sure to help guide them with poses and candids too! They may be expert selfie takers, but not necessarily when someone else takes the photo!


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