San Diego Courthouse Elopement | Lauren + Nathan

January 16, 2020

San Diego Courthouse Elopement | Lauren + Nathan

Getting your San Diego courthouse wedding photographed is always a good idea. As I mentioned before, elopements deserve the same attention as a wedding. I have had the pleasure of photographing several San Diego courthouse weddings. Each time I find a new nook to shoot in. I had a great time shooting Lauren + Nathan’s courthouse wedding. So how does a San Diego courthouse wedding work? Let me explain…

First you have to wait till 45 days out before your desired elopement date to schedule an appointment at the San Diego County Administrator building for your marriage license. The last time slot is 4:30pm. I would advise either the earlier or later slots for the best lighting, but I can always make any light work, that is just preference.

As you can see from the photos above, their ceremony was indoors. I would advise on the outside ceremony location unless you think it will rain. If you want outdoor and you only get the option for the indoor ceremony, no sweat, we can still shoot outside by the arch when no one is there and do a mock ceremony. We did it in this case and followed with family and friends portraits. Sometimes people have close friends and family join them, other times I have had just the couple. It’s your preference.

We then spent the next hour taking the dreamiest formal portraits of the bride and groom!! The bride had requested a wedding flowers, wedding bouquet suggestion. I recommended flowers of Point Loma. They came out beautiful and totally matched her vibe and hair!

I like to tour the whole San Diego Courthouse as there are tons of locations to shoot, but I am always open to other locations too. Whatever has meaning to the bride and groom. In this San Diego Courthouse elopement, Lauren + Nathan wanted some portraits taken across the street at the San Diego Marina where the Star of India ship is. I was so excited because I had just done the same with Megan + Mike, so we finished our session there, perfectly timed with the sunset!


Flowers: Flowers of Point Loma


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