San Diego Courthouse Wedding + Bali Hai Wedding Reception | M + F

December 7, 2022

San Diego Courthouse Wedding + Bali Hai Wedding Reception | M + F

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I sometimes also get asked to photograph the reception too! At the San Diego location there are many nearby restaurants or venues for a wedding reception. The size of the party is totally up to you! In these San Diego Courthouse Wedding + Bali Hai Wedding Reception | M + F decided to have their reception at Bali Hai. This gave us the opportunity to photograph the couple portraits at both locations! The vintage feel of the courthouse and it’s beautiful greenery and the cityscape views with blue waters!

If you are considering doing a courthouse wedding and then a reception with your guests, remember the timeline! You don’t want to schedule the start of reception right after the ceremony. There might be friends and family portraits taken afterwards. Then there would be formal couples portraits to follow. Now you can decide to do formal couple portraits at both location or just one of the locations. The choice is totally yours. Just make sure to start the reception at the appropriate time so it doesn’t conflict with couple portraits. Always check with your photographer for the ideal time for your formal couple portraits. Usually it’s one hour before sunset.

A week or two before the wedding, I suggest walking the wedding venue(s) with your photographer. It’s a great way to see how everything is looking. Note, that the courthouse wedding can change. They can cut the weeds, or be setting up for an event! Before booking your ceremony, you should check for any events that weekend. Usually they set up on the Wednesday or Thursday before. Breakdown usually happens on Monday. So if that is the week you are aiming for, then consider a Tuesday or Wednesday for your ceremony appointment.



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