San Diego Children’s Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa Fall 2021 D2

December 3, 2022

San Diego Children’s Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa Fall 2021 D2

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I enjoy interacting with different brands. Every time I do, I learn more about how to best capture the essence and identity of the brand. I work with an array of lifestyle clients. Be it children’s clothing, women’s clothing, jewelry. They all have their own message. In these San Diego Children’s Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa Fall 2021 D2, we wanted to create the fall mood of free spirited kids enjoying nature! You must check out Wild Wawa for the cutest outfits for your little ones!

Wild Wawa schedules their shoots pretty close to the launch date. Normally shoots are done more in advance to release date, but we have figured out a pretty good system. Usually this helps us capture the backdrops to match the season. It doesn’t always work out but we make do. As this was a fall shoot, I suggest a location where I shoot at a lot that was showing fall foliage. The owner of Wild Wawa brought the usual flower props but also added some fun pop of color with the red apples. You can’t help but think of red apples when it’s fall. I just love apple picking!

Props are essential! I can’t stress this enough! It really adds to the value of the photos. In addition, when working with kids, it’s a great way to get those candid shots. Props are loved by kid models. It gives them something to do, play with, observe. If you want a fun and easier way to capture candids, invest in props. Think about the story of the shoot and then you will understand which props would make sense for the scene. Make sure they are kid friendly too!


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