Pacific Beach Engagement Photos | Jordan + Jacob

July 16, 2022

Pacific Beach Engagement Photos | Jordan + Jacob

As a San Diego engagement photographer, nothing is more thrilling than proposal shoots! There is such a rush before the session to make sure you are there on time, can secure space without being obvious and hoping no one walks into the shot during the actual proposal! Once she says yes, all the stresses go away and now it’s time to celebrate their love with a couples engagement photo session! In this Pacific Beach Engagement Photos | Jordan + Jacob, he wanted to give his girlfriend a beach proposal, just like she always wanted. He has requested Pacific/Mission Beach, so I suggested Crystal Pier.

As a San Diego proposal photographer, you can expect to have a lot of out of town clients. Always ask what the envision and then do your best to offer location suggestions. Once they have narrowed it down to 1 or 2 spots, I would suggest doing a FaceTime or video call to show them the spot. This helps you discuss with them how they would get to the proposal spot.

While on the call, you can also offer tips for the proposal. Some include, but are not limited to, having well groomed hands. That goes for both people. Obviously there are going to be some unclose shots of the ring, so both people will want their hands groomed. Making sure sunglasses are removed! What is the point of capturing a proposal if you can’t see the person’s reaction! If they are driving, tell them to leave all their belongings in the car so there aren’t any purses or phones in the way!

One of the most important things to suggest to your client is to make dinner or drink reservations. They don’t even have to be real, but that is the excuse they need to give to their partner so that they can assure they will dress up and do their hair and make up. If an event is not mentioned, then they might be more casual than they would like.



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