La Jolla Beach Engagement Session | Little Point | Sorcha + Hunter

July 21, 2021

La Jolla Beach Engagement Session | Little Point | Sorcha + Hunter

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I love showing off the beautiful beaches we have to out of towners! In this La Jolla Engagement Session | Little Point | Sorcha + Hunter were in town visiting from Austin. I have been on a Little Point kick lately and had suggested this location to them. I was able to get the last bit of green moss exposure before the tide has brought the sand back up higher. This small beach is just north of Windansea. It’s got a great mix of Spanish moss, reefs, rocks and palm trees! Very Southern California vibes!

Shooting at the beach can be challenging. You are completely exposed. You need to be creative when working with the sunlight. If that switch into magic hour hasn’t happened yet, and I am shooting at Little Point, I like to shoot around the houses nearby. What this does is create a light diffuser for me by utilizing the roofs and trees that are in the neighborhood. I love capturing the sun-flares! Especially with beautifully landscaped homes and homes themselves. There is one home with this spectacular garage that I shoot at frequently.

Another reason I like to shoot in the nearby homes, is that it creates a variety of backdrops. I will note however, that I do ask my clients if they like they idea of shooting in the neighborhood. Some people book the beach because that is all they want, just beach. So make sure to check in with your clients beforehand. The shoot is about what they want. It’s always great to make suggestions, since they may not know what their options are, but at the end they get the final say.

If you are sticking to the beach, please make sure to check the tide calendar. It is crucial to know at time of booking. Why? Because if your client is seeing your portfolio and is requesting a location based on what they see, they are going to think it is always there. Make it clear to them the sunset time, the time of the year and what the tide was. A winter low tide is different than a summer one. Make sure you and your client are informed.


La Jolla Beach Engagement Session | Little Point | Sorcha + Hunter


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