Del Mar Real Estate Lifestyle Headshots | Melissa James

May 4, 2021

Del Mar Real Estate Lifestyle Headshots | Melissa James

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I enjoy helping San Diego real estate agents with their headshots. Being a San Diego realtor is such a personable career. It’s important for agents to have their headshots up to date and that reflect who they are. In these Del Mar Real Estate Lifestyle Headshots | Melissa James hosted the shoot at one of her beautiful listings in Del Mar. The home had great natural light! As a natural light photographer, I always like to bring that to headshot inquiries’ attention ASAP. If you are too, I would suggest doing the same as some people prefer studio lighting.

When possible, always try to scout the location before your shoot. In the event that you can’t, I would arrive to your location earlier than shoot time to have a look around. This was the case in this session. Also helps to give you time to have a chat with your client and review details like wardrobe, props, etc.

Having multiple outfits gives your client several options to choose from and to rotate on their website or wherever they will use the images. I would always suggest to your clients to use solid colors and a mix of colors. They can mix up wearing a blazer or not, jeans or business pants. I would rotate the outfits at the same spot too. Once you get the lay of the land of your location, I would narrow it down to 4 spots with the best lighting. Then those are your go to spots. And then 1 or 2 where you shoot them in one outfit only.

A tip if you are a short photographer, like myself. I bring with me a small step stool. This way I can make sure I am a bit taller than my subject, the client. This gives a flattering angle to anyone. Feel free to move around when shooting and try different angles until you find your client’s best side or sides!



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