Mount Laguna Fashion Influencer Photos | Frank Vinyl

February 3, 2021

Mount Laguna Fashion Influencer Photos | Frank Vinyl

As a San Diego fashion photographer, I love mixing nature with people! Especially when it comes to fashion looks! As a San Diego photographer, I am so lucky to be near to so many diverse backdrops! I can literally go from shooting at the beach to shooting in the snow! How awesome is that! In these Mount Laguna Fashion Influencer photos | Frank Vinyl and I got some beautiful fall looks in!

I enjoy being a San Diego lifestyle photographer, because I love to capture people and bring out whatever message they want to convey! I want to continue this even more and add more branding photography opportunities whether it’s lifestyle campaigns or product branding as well. It really sparks your creative juices in an entire new way!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s always fun to photograph people and learn more about them that way or about the brand. Product photography really pushes you creatively and tests your patience! I remember balancing product on rocks and cactus, understanding the product ingredients to add appropriate decor. Most importantly, it forces you to slow down and really see how the composition of your photo will turn out. With people it’s a little more fast paced.

Another thing I have been pushing are my lenses! On this shoot, when it turned to dusk, I busted out my Canon 35mm prime lens, f/1.4 that really impresses you in low light conditions. I am not a fan of using flash, so this lens helps me capture beautiful moments in low light. It also helps to hold your breath too!

I certainly want to come back to Mount Laguna this winter and shoot some content in the snow! I love shooting in the snow! Plus it makes everyone look amazing as the light reflects off the snow and makes for a natural soft box and flash!


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