San Diego Product Branding | Alluvian

January 13, 2021

San Diego Product Branding | Alluvian

As I continue to grow as a San Diego product branding photographer, I learn how meticulous of a process it is. Though tedious, it is very rewarding! I found myself celebrating when I was able to balance the product in the air and amongst cacti and rocks! My creative juices were flowing with these San Diego Product Branding | Alluvian photos! I chose four different locations for these product shoots.

I recommend creating a shot list when you finish and confirm the moodboard. A shot list helps keep you organized and accountable. When there are so many SKU’s to photograph, organization is a must! Mine was created on a power point. I organized it by location, then by individual product and group product shots.

Furthermore, I packaged the product in chronological order and labeling what the shot consisted of. This way I didn’t have to keep checking my photo for the power point.

The majority of the photos were shot at the beach as this Alluvian mens grooming product line is made up of ingredients from the water. Some, however, have cacti ingredients and so I visited a cactus garden as well. I wanted to use as many props related to the product as possible to decorate the flat lay images of the product, including citrus oranges.

There were 2 beach shoots because the client updated the packaging on a couple of the soap bars. In order to get the deliverables back to her in time, I shot in the morning vs sunset. The tide calendar wasn’t coinciding low tide with sunset time.

Low tide is essential when shooting at the beach. It exposes the reefs and rocks that are usually covered. I love shooting during low tide, it’s a whole. new underwater world! I do suggest to wear protective water footwear so you don’t hurt your feet. Do also protect your gear and bring water repellant bags to place your gear in. The tide can come up quick at times and you don’t want surprises.

To conclude, the earlier in the day or before sunset is the ideal. Overestimate how long it might take you to shoot the product. Make sure to have your product organized packaged.



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