MATERNITY photos: Scripps Beach, La Jolla

MATERNITY photos: Scripps Beach, La Jolla

I highly recommend having your maternity photos taken, especially if it’s your first born.  It’s always fun to shoot these sessions and hear about their first time experiences. It’s even better when you get their first furry child, their dog, in the maternity photo session as it was in this San Diego maternity shoot. The mom to be had asked for suggestions on locations and she decided she wanted her maternity photos at Scripps Beach, La Jolla.

Dizzy, was as cute as can be in his matching bow tie with his momma! He was very excited about the shoot and kept jumping and wanting to run around. Or maybe he wasn’t excited? Nah, of course he was, all smiles for the camera and was always ready for his close up 🙂 It was a little overcast that day, as happens on the coast, but we were still able to get some beautiful shots! Laughs included!

I’m a huge fan of black and white photos so I always shoot some photos with the intention of having them be black and white. I want to capture a specific moment, emotion or memory. So I want it black and white so that there is no distraction. The removal of color somehow adds a lot of feeling in a photo. I think so anyway 🙂

MATERNITY photos: Scripps Beach, La Jolla

We did two outfit changes. I am a fan of different looks. Makes it more fun and feels like a fashion shoot too 🙂 This way you can explore different looks. Many moms to be, buy those open face sheer dresses. This way you can show your little baby bump. Amazon is a great place to find those without breaking your wallet. Here is an example I found that I think might be the same one shot in these next photos.

True to form, it seems I always shoot moms to be who are about to go into labor within two weeks. Sure enough baby Lily was born. She must have reallllly wanted to come out and see how her photos turned out or play with Dizzy 😉

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