La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Bella + Luis

March 7, 2023

La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Bella + Luis

As a La Jolla maternity photographer, I love getting my feet wet! Having your San Diego maternity photo session at the beach is always a good idea! Even when it’s overcast, you can still get beautiful baby bump photos! What is better than a San Diego pregnancy photoshoot? Having your dog with you at your maternity session! We divided this maternity photo session into two parts. The first, with their dog at a nearby park, and the second, at the beach. You can definitely have your dog at the beach, during the legal hours of course! The majority of the time though, they have to be on leash, unless you go to a dog beach. In these La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Bella + Luis brought the sunshine on this cloudy day!

Wondering what to wear at your maternity photo session? As Bella shows you, having two outfits is a great idea! By having two, you can have one dress that exposes the baby bump. Amazon has endless options for long dresses with exposed bellies. It’s a great option too if you plan on getting a little wet in the water. They have a lot of affordable dresses. If you prefer to cover the belly, you can go with a long dress that hugs the bump. Slits are great! They make walking easier when wearing a tight long dress.

Another thing to consider is colors. Imagine your backdrop and the colors that are in that palette. You can either do contrasting colors or stay in that palette. When contrasting against green or blue backdrops, I am a huge fan of red, burgundy or light pink. When wanting to stay in the palette of your backdrop, make sure your colors are bolder than the backdrop so you can pop.


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