San Diego Quinceañera Photos | Saleena

August 8, 2022

San Diego Quinceañera Photos | Saleena

As a San Diego quinceañera portrait photographer, it is so fun to see how excited the girls get to dress up and feel like a princess! They are turning 15 and are becoming more independent and having more of a say in their style! You can definitely see the stunning style in these San Diego Quinceañera Photos | Saleena looked absolutely gorgeous! These were taken down at the pier in Imperial Beach. It was such a memorable sunset! The summer light hit just right on the pier and made Saleena glow even more! I was in awe during this session!

Saleena was joined by her family so they were also included in the session. We started with Saleena’s portrait portion and then added the family at the end. We took full advantage of the magic hour into the blue hour light. Blue hour isn’t really an hour, it’s more like 15 min. It’s the light that occurs once the sun goes down. It can vary depending on the weather. On a clear day it can last the full extent and make for some beautiful photos!

A summer beach photo session can be tricky as you can expect some crowds. In order to aide in that, try to book the sessions during the week. This helps lower the number of people on the beach. Try for less populated beaches or part of the beach. Keep in mind, there is still the goal of having the session during low tide at sunset. This is stressed more at beaches that have rocks and reefs. Imperial beach has the pier, but the majority of the beach is sand. Your session isn’t affected too much by the tide.

I wish America’s Next Top Model was still airing but Saleena is it! She is so kind, warm, mature, fun and fierce! She is surrounded by such a sweet family too! These San Diego Quinceañera Photos | Saleena are certainly one to remember!



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