MATERNITY photos: Retro + Vintage Gal Pals

MATERNITY photos: Retro + Vintage Gal Pals

MATERNITY photos: Retro + Vintage Gal Pals

What better scenario than being pregnant at the same time as your best friend! That’s the case for these two and we decided to do maternity photos: Retro + Vintage Gal Pals styled shoot! We had San Diego hair Stylist Laura and San Diego make up artist Emily. They did an amazing job!! Really took me back in time! Helping with the set was San Diego wedding planner and designer, Julia.

The ladies really enjoyed themselves, especially when as they got to enjoy IN N OUT! Am I right!! I, of course took part in the IN N OUT feast!! Alix + Amanda were such great sports throughout the shoot! You would forget they were even pregnant!! They were both about 2 weeks and a month shy of their due date. Their energy levels were still running high though! They really liked the set too! The Coca Cola sign and vintage bicycle that Julia provided really took you back in time!

The balloons were also a fun touch! We were all about pops of color! For a second we thought the bike might start to take off, but thankfully the balloons weren’t THAT potent. That’s what’s fun about styled shoots. You get to play with decor. You can create the set and the vibe to your choosing. With retro and vintage styles being popular, we thought we would take a shot at our interpretation of it.

I was so impressed with the ladies’ hair and make up. I really felt like they were transported back in time! It’s definitely a hair do I would have done myself. The make up was super clean and natural looking on the ladies. It survived perfectly after the IN N OUT too! So it was definitely put to the test! Cheers to food proof make up!


Laura, HAIR
Emily, MAKE UP


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