Los Peñasquitos Ranch House Family Photos | L + D

December 2, 2021

Los Peñasquitos Ranch House Family Photos | L + D

As a San Diego family photographer, I love having the opportunity to photograph families in all the different beautiful areas that exist. Usually the beach is the go to spot for family portraits, but lately I have gotten a lot of families wanting a more woodsy, meadow look. That is exactly what happened in Los Peñasquitos Ranch House Family hotos| L + D wanted a more rustic tree filled area. It was a beautiful sunset session with lots of little ones!

I just swoon over magic hour romantic light. It is so dreamy!! I do think sunlight gets an extra push of romance in the fall/winter time. I love capturing it in areas with trees or something that helps diffuse the sunlight. Always know your locations and where the sun is going to be during your session. One minute the sun can be shining and the next in can due behind a hill. I arrange my shooting spots according to the light. Knowing that some spots will continue to have light whereas others the light will disappear sooner.

Wardrobe is something that definitely enhances a photoshoot. I creates cohesiveness and harmony in the photo. I definitely like to offer my clients that if they would like feedback on their outfits that I am here for them. I like to suggest they pick around 3 colors and then dress within those shades. Regarding prints, I advise that just one person wear prints and everyone else in solids. Or one person gets the main print and one other can wear softer prints.

Treats are always a good idea when you are photographing youngsters. I would advise your clients to use treats that won’t impact them too much. Meaning, if you are using lollipops, make sure there isn’t a green one, because then they will have a green stain. Or if it’s chocolate, have wipes handy so you can clean their mouth and teeth.


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