La Jolla Cuvier Park Family Photos | S + T

December 25, 2022

La Jolla Cuvier Park Family Photos | S + T

As a La Jolla family photographer, we get a lot of out of towner’s that come to visit and want to commemorate the trip with a portrait session. It’s a wonderful way to avoid having all your memories taken on a phone. Having a professional session assures you that you will get photos with everyone. You can only take so many selfie photos. La Jolla is heavy tourist attraction. With one look at it you will see why. It’s not uncommon for me to get requests to have a family photo session along the La Jolla coastline. In these La Jolla Cuvier Park Family Photos | S + T were visiting out of state.

There are many spots to photograph at Cuvier Park which is located at La Jolla Cove. Keep that in mind when starting your session. Make sure you allocate enough time at each spot you have picked out for your clients. There is a lot of walking in these areas. I would let your clients know ahead of time so they wear the right footwear. They can still wear heels, but I would recommend they bring a spare pair if the shoes are not comfortable.

When photographing on the cliffs in La Jolla Cove, I strongly advise you have your clients remove their shoes. You don’t want them falling and slipping on the sandy rocks. They can certainly put their shoes back on if they wish. For the walk down though, definitely have them side step to avoid sliding down. It’s a trick I use. When shooting on the edge of the rocks, make sure they feel comfortable with heights. You don’t need to get them so outside their comfort zone that they have fear all over their face.


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