Guajome Regional Park Family Photos | Hurtado

January 14, 2021

Guajome Regional Park Family Photos | Hurtado

Started off the New Year with a family portrait shoot! I shot a family portrait shoot the last day of 2020 and shot another family portrait shoot the second day of 2021! You don’t always have to rush to do your fall family portraits, you can also take them after and use them for a New Year card! Spring time is also nice to get your San Diego family portraits taken with the bloom of the flowers! These Guajome Regional Park Family Photos | Hurtado, was a new family portrait location for me!

With COVID, I have seen an increase in family portraits that expand into extended family! Many people are realizing the importance of family and want to make sure they have it captured multi generationally. In this San Diego family portrait session the family celebrated a birthday, the big 2, and everyone home together!

Since it was my first time at this San Diego park, I made sure to arrive 1.5 hours early so I could do some scouting calmly. It was an easy drive to get there. I walked along the path and a little onto the trail. I knew I was photographing a toddler and that his attention span wouldn’t last too long so I didn’t want to take the family ALL over the park. So I made sure to pick locations that were diverse but nearby.

I was approached by the uncle, who wanted to make sure he could have a picture with his nephew playing the guitar. I loved the idea!! It has meaning and props. Props help A LOT for those great candid shots! This way he would be entertained by the ukulele and his uncle’s guitar and not fuss about the photos.

When shooting extended family portraits, I love giving the eldest couple a few minutes specifically for them. I take them back to the feeling they had on their wedding day when they were taking their formal portraits. Might be the last time too. The smile that comes across their face and the way their eyes light up for one another is just a fresh of breath air!

When shooting family portraits, keep a running shot list in your mind of all the combinations. Grandparents with kids and grandkids. Grandparents with grandkids, siblings, etc. You can repeat the combinations at different spots along your session. Also make sure to ask if there is a specific combination they are after.



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