Fiesta Island San Diego Lifestyle Portraits | JP

May 11, 2021

Fiesta Island San Diego Lifestyle Portraits | JP

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer we love when seasons show here! We are in spring full swing and we have the bloom to show it! In these Fiesta Island San Diego Lifestyle Portraits | JP wanted a flowery spring background. I recently got a dog and have been taking her to fiesta island to play in the water and with other dogs. One morning I decided to walk up to the trail and boy did I hit the jackpot in daisies! I sent a video to JP to confirm that is the vision he had and we confirmed our shoot date! Due to covid, we all missed a lot of spring shoots last year. This year, it’s game on!

Apart from the daisies, there is an area with these beautiful eucalyptus trees that makes you feel like you are on a safari! When your clients have multiple outfits to wear, always have them show you before the shoot date or before the session. This way you can assess which outfits you want shot where. When JP showed me the DKNY trench coat, I knew I wanted to photograph that in front of those trees!

This session was shot in the morning. When shooting in the morning you really need to use that 2 hour window starting at sunrise. Just like you would do in reverse for sunset. I tried to push an earlier call time but the session started later. You can always make it work by using certain angles to avoid shadows. If there are trees nearby then definitely use that to your advantage!! I kept moving JP around to find his correct lighting. If they can brave tilting their head up and moving their eyes slightly then you can have them face the sun, avoiding shadow.



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