La Jolla Scripps Pier Engagement Proposal | Amina + Shaun

September 20, 2022

La Jolla Scripps Pier Engagement Proposal | Amina + Shaun

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I get to shoot proposals as well! It’s a fun and exciting session! Sometimes I get locals wanting to propose and other times they are coming in to town on a visit. Here is when your help as a local La Jolla engagement proposal photographer is crucial! It can be an exciting yet nervous time, so you want to help ease the process as much as you can. In these La Jolla Scripps Pier Engagement Proposal | Amina + Shaun were visiting from out of town. Shaun had given me some ideas he had on locations. We worked together to make sure the flow seemed natural and effortless for his proposal!

Shaun had flown out a few days before for work. Amina was to join him for the weekend. This gave us the opportunity to meet before she arrived so I could go over the process and the exact spot for the proposal. Usually I do a lot of proposals south of Windansea Beach. It’s a short walk from the car to the spot. At Scripps Beach, since we wanted the pier, it was going to take a little more walking. We had to make the situation seem natural. Luckily, there is a cafe near the pier, Caroline’s Seaside Cafe. Shaun made up a story that they were having brunch with his boss.

Usually proposals are in the evening, I rarely get morning proposals. So the brunch reservation is a great trick to make sure your partner is dressed and ready to be photographed. You always want to have an excuse for them to be dressed up. For sunset proposals, it’s dinner reservations For morning proposals, it’s brunch! Who wouldn’t want to start their day with such an important question! Everything went smoothly and they even had one of their dogs with them to celebrate as well!



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