La Jolla Engagement Proposal Photos | Akshat + Shruti

March 4, 2021

La Jolla Engagement Proposal Photos | Akshat + Shruti

As a San Diego wedding photographer, I love shooting engagement proposals! I love the planning, the surprise and the look of pure joy on the receiving partner’s end! What makes it even more exciting is when the couple is from out of town! Then I also get to be a San Diego tour guide and inform them of all the great local spots! In these La Jolla Engagement Proposal Photos | Akshat + Shruti were on vacation for her birthday! She definitely got one of the best presents ever!

When you get asked to shoot a proposal, you definitely want to have a phone call with your client if possible. I feel it makes it easier for ideas to flow when conversing over the phone rather than a billion emails back n forth. This helps you get a good grasp on the vision he or she has for the proposal scene.

Once you have a good idea on location requests, I would go scout 2 or 3 you think fit the bill. Locations can always change throughout the year. You want to make sure that it looks they way you remember it. Especially when dealing with locations that are seasonal. Then I would go ahead and either FaceTime with your client while at the locations or send them video (if they are from out of town). I feel this helps put them at ease that the location is exactly how they imagined it to be.

It is also helpful to have a spreadsheet, PDF or some kind of document where you can reference local activities, food and drink for your out of town clients. They will love that!! I think when you are visiting a new place you definitely want local tips! This makes you a stronger photographer as you build more trust with your client.



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