Balboa Park Engagement Proposal | Jennifer + Rafa

April 21, 2021

Balboa Park Engagement Proposal | Jennifer + Rafa

As a San Diego engagement proposal photographer, there is always a rush of adrenaline before shooting a proposal photo session! Thoughts are running through your mind like, can they see me, will I find them, will they change location, will people be in the way, etc!! You can see how you can go down the rabbit hole. One thing I did not think to consider during this Balboa Park Engagement Proposal | Jennifer + Rafa is for the gate to the location to be closed! The location being the Sculpture Garden at Balboa Park.

I arrived to the location 30 min ahead of the scheduled proposal cause when it comes to proposals, you definitely don’t get a second chance. I like to get there with plenty of time to get all my gear together and be prepared should my client arrive early. The garden opens right at 10am. As we had rehearsed the week before, I was going to walk right in at 10am so that I can be in position before they arrived. They were going to get there at 10:10 am. We wanted to do it right when it opened to avoid crowds and people being present at the garden during the proposal.

I waited outside not thinking twice that the gate wouldn’t open at 10am. Then the clock tower sounded and the gate wasn’t opened. I started to get nervous as the minutes went on cause I knew the couple were right behind me and on their way over. Quickly, I notified him that the gate was still closed and that if he wanted to quickly switch to the organ pavilion to do it. I started to politely yell “hello” to the restaurant next door to see if someone could open the door. Unfortunately, no one was coming out! Before panicking I happen to press on one of the doors and it magically opened! Without hesitation I walked in! The restaurant wasn’t opening till 11am, I had to move fast.

Once in and hiding behind the designated tree, I texted Rafa the great news that everything was back on! I was starting to relax when I got a text from him saying the door was closed!! I replied that he use the restaurant door not the garden door. Both closed!! So then he calls me and pretends he is calling his brother and tells me what is going on. I quickly suggest we go to the organ pavilion and I’ll follow behind them at a distance. He agrees and then I come out from hiding and am about to exit the garden when I see the restaurant employees cleaning. I call one over and explain the situation. She says the sculpture garden has been understaffed due to COVID and that’s why no one has opened the gate on time. I asked her if she could please let them in and she said of course!

Pressed redial and told him to come back! He was quick to react and make it seem natural and they turned around. I ran back into position and within minutes it was game on! What a rush, but so worth it! The look on her face was priceless!!! I just love shooting San Diego proposals or anywhere! I will make sure it can happen the way you intended it! This story proves it 😉



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