ENGAGEMENT PARTY photos | San Diego Yacht Club

January 9, 2019

ENGAGEMENT PARTY photos | San Diego Yacht Club

An engagement can be stressful, with all the decisions you two have to make. That’s why having an engagement party is essential! It reminds you of why you are getting everyone together to celebrate your love! These engagement party photos: San Diego Yacht Club, everyone had a great time with a great view!

It was such an easy set up! They provide the catering including appetizers, pastries and a bar set up with bartenders. You have a beautiful outdoor space that overlooks the water and plenty of room for everyone to meet and greet!

Now I believe it’s BYOP, bring your own pianist. 😉 He was great! I love watching their hands as they play the keys!

Now this was shot in the early afternoon. Usually not the best lighting when outdoors. There was a little cloud coverage which helped but the sun was strong. HOWEVER, there is so  much natural light inside the seated area that it worked out great! I placed everyone near the sliding door opening and the light was perfect! In fact, it’s my favorite type of light!

Whenever you are shooting in room with artificial light, try to get your subjects as close to a window or door opening to natural light as much as possible. I try to avoid flash as much as possible. I of course shared this with the ladies and they all had fun posing and being funny with their bride to be!

If you are looking to host your engagement party or wedding at the San Diego Yacht Club I would highly recommend it! I don’t know if you have to be a member or not, but definitely something to look in to. Especially if you are in to the nautical theme, you have the perfect backdrop and don’t have to do much!



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