La Jolla Cove Proposal Engagement Photos | Sydney + Jake

October 15, 2022

La Jolla Cove Proposal Engagement Photos | Sydney + Jake

As a La Jolla engagement photographer, I always want to offer the most picturesque backdrops to my clients. Part of being a San Diego photographer is also photographing surprise proposals. When getting inquiries for surprise proposals, it’s always good to ask what backdrop they envision for this momentous occasion! In these La Jolla Cove Proposal Engagement Photos | Sydney + Jake the location was based on their accommodation. They were staying at the Grande Colonial in La Jolla. When Jake and I had our pre session call, we decided this would be the best location to make the proposal seem natural as he would ask her to go on a sunset walk before dinner.

When you photograph at a location often enough, you usually know what to expect for lighting. When you photograph a somewhat new location, it’s good to get there a little earlier before you session to get a good lay of the land. Especially when shooting a proposal, you definitely want to arrive early and secure your spot. It can be a little nerve wrecking to secure the spot where you have agreed to have with you client. Don’t fret, simply and quickly, let passerby’s know that you will be photographing a proposal shortly and need the area clear.

I am definitely falling in love with La Jolla Cove. Normally I shy away from this location due to the amount of tourists that come by. It’s definitely worth it though! Also, you can find some spots where people don’t know you can access. With fall and winter around the corner, I w ill definitely be suggesting this location more often. It reminds me so much of childhood! It is definitely a jaw dropping location! Each time I photograph there, I always find a new angle and spot to shoot at.



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