Sunset Cliffs Engagement Proposal Photos | Kailey + Jonathan

January 22, 2023

Sunset Cliffs Engagement Proposal Photos | Kailey + Jonathan

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I love when I get to photograph surprise proposals! It’s such an exciting moment in a couple’s lives and I feel privileged to be able to photograph it! There are so many beautiful places to photograph proposals in San Diego. Many people like the dramatic cliff backdrop of Sunset Cliffs. Specifically at Pappy’s Point. It’s easily accessible by car and has amazing views! In these Sunset Cliffs Engagement Proposal Photos | Kailey + Jonathan looked like movie stars! Jonathan did an amazing job organizing his vision for his proposal!

Jonathan came up with the best Sunset Cliffs proposal plan! I will share the details with you in case you are planning a Sunset Cliffs surprise proposal. How to propose at Sunset Cliffs? Step 1. If you are from out of town, book your hotel. If you want something easy and walking distance to Sunset Cliffs, then consider the Inn at Sunset Cliffs. It is a 5 minute walk to Pappy’s Point. Here you don’t have to worry about driving and finding parking. You do have to consider footwear though, as walking in heels and down the cliffs is not ideal, not impossible, but not ideal. Always a good idea to bring back up shoes.

Step 2. I always suggest letting your significant other know there is a dinner plan of some sort. This is a helpful way to make sure they are dressed up cute and are ready to be photographed. If you catch them too off guard, they might not be so keen on getting their photo taken. So make a dinner reservation and let the know you want to do a sunset walk before heading over. If you want something near Sunset Cliffs, there is the Italian restaurant, Cesarina. There are also tons of restaurants in Liberty Station.

Step 3. Make sure you review with your photographer, the exact location where you are going to propose. I always suggest having a quick call with your photographer a day or 2 before the big day. They will review with you some tips. Such as: Make sure hands are camera ready, manicured and moisturized. Letting you know that sunglasses should not be worn. The whole point is to make sure you can see the reaction, so don’t cover up! Also any bags or phones should be out of sight.

Step 4. Take a deep breath! No need to rush the proposal as soon as you get to the spot. Take your time, savor the moment. Your photographer will be watching everything and will work around you. So don’t worry about being in the exact spot. They will work around you! HAVE FUN!! As a bonus option, you could have a San Diego Pop Up picnic set up for when you arrive or for after the proposal. In this San Diego proposal, they used PopUp Picnic.



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