La Jolla Cove Engagement Photos | Steph + Marty

March 16, 2023

La Jolla Cove Engagement Photos | Steph + Marty

As a La Jolla engagement photographer, I love showing my clients the hidden gems along La Jolla’s coastline. There are so many to choose from! With beautiful parks and coast lines, you can expect some crowds. Whenever possible, I suggest sessions during the week. You can take it one step forward and have your session in the morning to really avoid the crowds. In this La Jolla Cove Engagement Photos | Steph + Marty had a morning session to avoid the rain the was forecasted for the evening. As they were having a destination engagement session, I wanted to make sure they had photos that were sunlit!

When preparing for your engagement session, feel free to consult with your photographer regarding your outfit choices. Especially when it is a location you are unfamiliar with. Your photographer can advise you on colors, patterns (or lack of) and styled looks. You can send photos of the outfits laid out or on. Always prepare a back up outfit should the weather change or if for some reason you aren’t feeling the outfit that day. Another tip, especially for pregnancy shoots, is to always try on your outfit within 2 days of your session. You are growing at a fast rate and the dress you purchased two weeks ago may not fit anymore. So always have an extra and size up.

When your portrait session is on the beach, I would always assume that you will be barefoot. It’s a lot easier and safer to maneuver through the sand and rocks. Make sure to remember this when picking out your outfits. Of course you can wear shoes if you want. I would suggest first getting to the desired spot and then putting on your shoes. Wipe off any sand you may have so you don’t dirty your shoes. Also so that the sand doesn’t show on your feet in the shoes.



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