Scripps Beach Engagement Photos | Sepiedeh + Jorge

October 14, 2020

Scripps Beach Engagement Photos | Sepiedeh + Jorge

The beauty of being a San Diego photographer is that you can change your backdrop from the woods to the beach in minutes!! That’s exactly what we did in this beautiful Scripps Beach engagement photo session! We started with the wooded area above the beach and then headed down for sunset. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in and we didn’t get that “perfect” sunset, but the couple still turned out beautiful!

I was so happy to hear when they told me they would be brining their dog for the first few minutes of the shoot! I love when couples who have pets include them in the shoot! Makes it more authentic as pets are very much a part of the family! 🙂 He certainly stole everyone’s thunder!

This wooded area above Scripps Beach is seasonal. Sometimes it is green and sometimes it is full of brown leaves. I highly suggest going to scout it close to the time of your shoot so you know what to expect. It might not always look like it does in the photos.

When doing a double location session, I always start with the covered area first. Since the wooded area is full of trees, I start here since it’s earlier in the day, I know I can utilize the trees to diffuse the light. When you are at the beach, you are almost completely exposed, so I wait till it’s the magic hour light before heading down there.

When it’s 2 locations I normally split the time in half, but taking into account getting back to the car, driving to new location and parking at new location. We headed down to Scripps Beach to catch the sunset. I left a little earlier as I saw the clouds rolling in and I wanted to make sure I could get some photos with sunlight before it would get overcast.

They both changed into their second outfits. I can’t stress this enough, I love when there multiple outfits because it kind of recharges you. The different textures, colors, lengths affect how you behave in the photos.



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