Aliso Beach Family Photos | GB

July 10, 2022

Aliso Beach Family Photos | GB

As a San Diego family photographer, it’s great to sometimes venture out of San Diego. Right next door I the beautiful Orange County. There are so many beautiful beaches there as well! When I have sessions there, I usually suggest Aliso Beach. It has beautiful rocks and coves and a long stretch of sand. Another great perk is that is has a cafe and bathroom onsite! In these Aliso Beach Family Photos | GB an overcast day couldn’t ruin their fun! They did get a little chilly at the end, but having cloud coverage we got great even light!

On the day of your shoot, when you see clouds rolling in, I would highly suggest asking your clients to start their session earlier. Usually sessions happen early morning or sunset. When there is a marine layer come in though, you are going to want to have the sun higher so that the clouds don’t darken the light. Having clouds isn’t always a bad thing. It allows for you to be in highly exposed areas. You can photograph at the beach and not worry about too much sun.

When photographing families with lots of kids, make sure to remember to photograph each one with each parent. If there is a baby involved, I would suggest to the family to bring a carrier so that they are able to put the baby down for a moment. You want to give the parents the ability to be on their own. This allows you to capture couple portraits too!

When going over the photo session outfits, I usually suggest just one person to wear prints. In the case of all the young children wearing prints, I think it works and looks cute. They certainly liked it! No fuss!



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