La Jolla Cuvier Park Family Photos | M + J

May 12, 2023

La Jolla Cuvier Park Family Photos | M + J

As a La Jolla family photographer, I am lucky enough to call nature my workplace! Spring time is when it really shines! We get fresh flowers, fresh leaves, everything is feeling bright and full of sunshine. It’s even better with some clouds, to give us texture in the sky! In these La Jolla Cuvier Park Family Photos | M + J opted for a morning session to accommodate their little ones sleep schedule and the dog park schedule. We were given such a beautiful morning with a perfect mix of sun and clouds! They brought along their adorable pup, Archie. It was a stunning morning and we got a great mix of backdrops! Their little one went along for the ride!

Another bonus is that it was low tide! I was super excited because then we got exposed to the reef and tide pools. Funny enough, by the time we go to them towards the end of the session, the baby had fallen asleep! As we were walking, she just fell asleep in her dads arms! Archie was super well behaved too! The bow tie detail was the cutest! I, having a dog myself, loved that Archie was a part of their first family shoot! I wish there would have been more interaction between the baby and Archie, but at least she didn’t cry. Sometimes you can’t have it all!

I stuck to one camera body and lens throughout the entire session. I know this area fairly well so I knew I could capture it all on my 85mm CANON prime lens. Had there been more members of the family, then I would have brought along m 35mm prime lens too. Since it was the trio + Archie, I knew I could make it happen. I did have with me, just in case, my 70-200 mm zoom lens. There is a shot I like to do on the cliffs where I need to be on the other side of the cliffs. While walking though, I decided we go to the second little beach as it is easier and thus safer with the baby. Safety always comes first!



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