La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Breana + Gerry

July 28, 2022

La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Breana + Gerry

As a La Jolla maternity photographer, I love beach maternity photo sessions! There is something about having your feet in the water that is just so beautiful, to me! For me water is life an having an expectant mother moving through the water is representative of the baby in her womb. There are many beautiful beaches in La Jolla. When it comes to a maternity session though, you always want to make sure you pick the safest for them. Weather, tide and terrain! In this La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Breana + Gerry drove from Arizona to dip their toes in the water!

When booking a maternity shoot, it’s good to let your clients know you are there if they need feedback on their outfits. I always like to suggest colors that contrast the surroundings. For example, reds and pinks are great at the beach to contrast the blue ocean. There are many places to shop for maternity dresses. My tops are PinkBlush and Amazon. Amazon is great if you are wanting to get into the ocean and don’t want to worry about ruining the dress. I think have 2 dress options is great. I am sure it is hard to choose THE DRESS. I like long and flowy, maybe with a slit or the belly showing and a long and tight one.

As a San Diego maternity photographer, I have a wardrobe tip! I would not suggest getting a dress where the sleeves are like batwing or too puffy. It will get in the way of the baby bump. The majority of the time, you will be holding the bump. If the sleeve is too big, it will cover the belly. So keep in mind how the dress falls when you try it on. Definitely try the dresses on before the session. Give yourself enough time to exchange or get another one if it doesn’t work out. You don’t want to be rushed and then go with a dress you are not 100%+ comfortable and confident in!



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