La Jolla Beach Engagement Proposal Photos | K + N

December 29, 2021

La Jolla Beach Engagement Proposal Photos | K + N

As a San Diego engagement photographer, we know that as the year comes to an end, proposals are off to a big start! San Diego is a great place to get engaged all year round though! In this La Jolla Beach Engagement Proposal Photos | K + N were from out of town. I provided some beach suggestions and took videos/ FaceTime calls to confirm the location. The planning was underway! La Jolla has an exquisite coastline filled with small beaches surrounded by reefs and rocks! No matter the weather, it’s always beautiful!

Their bright colored outfits contrasted perfectly with the overcast weather! I must say, red is my favorite color on people in any photo session regardless of weather or location. Red photographs so perfectly, in my opinion! So it was a perfect coincidence that he was wearing a red sweater and she shared a more muted color, in oxtail.

When you book a surprise proposal shoot, it’s a good idea to at least have one phone call conversation with your client. There are a few things you want to run by him or her. One tip I like to give is to make sure whoever is getting proposed to to be free of purse or sunglasses off face. Preferably off the head but sometimes it might seem a little off if they are being persistent on removing items. Getting nails done is also a plus for both people! There will be close up shots so at least have your hands moisturized.

Another tip, is to give your client some suggestions or strategies on how to actually propose. A way for his or her partner look the other way before he or she proposes. I always like to offer the idea of having the proposee pose for a photo, with his or her back towards the proposer. The proposer pretends to take a photo. In reality, he or she goes down on one knee with ring in hand. Then when he or she turns around “after the photo” he or she is in complete shock!



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