San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Kelly + Kyle

December 26, 2020

San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Kelly + Kyle

As a San Diego wedding photographer, we saw many more courthouse weddings in San Diego due to Covid-19. So much so, that I even prepared an online guide on how to prepare for your civil wedding. As the year continued on we saw many changes to getting your marriage license at the San Diego County Admin building. What didn’t change is the happiness all the couples experienced when they finally said “I Do” as they did here in San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Kelly + Kyle.

There have been many changes throughout the year with getting your marriage license and ceremony. It went from being able to enter the building, with only 2 people, to only the couple entering the building but still being able to marry at the arch. Then they created the “marriage hut” which is where you check in at the kiosk next to the building. Couples check in with their mask and then when they get married, they can remove their mask during the ceremony.

If you were hoping to get married at the outdoor arch, you still can! It’s open and completely available for use. As long as no one is using it at the moment. So every time I shoot a ceremony at the marriage hut, we head over to the outdoor arch right afterwards. This works even better because only the couple are in the photos. I don’t have to worry about trying to avoid having the officiant in the shots so this makes it easy!

The sun was coming in and out behind the clouds. Which sometimes is helpful depending on what time you are shooting. Just always make sure to check your camera settings to make sure you are exposing your photo properly.



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