USD Grad Portraits | Ariela

May 19, 2023

USD Grad Portraits | Ariela

As a San Diego portrait photographer, spring season means grad photos! High school senior photos happen more in the summer time or beginning of fall. But the spring season means college seniors are getting ready to graduate and want to celebrate that with a portrait session! You can start booking as early as you get your cap and gown. You can even do it after graduation too if you are too overwhelmed with finals. This is a session to have fun with and memorialize your years at college. In these USD Grad Portraits | Ariela celebrated graduating from the school of Knauss school of business!

When booking your college grad portraits, I would try to schedule for a weekday. Weekends can get a little busy, especially if there are other graduations going on. When there is a popular photo location, it can get busy and you may have to wait. Whenever possible, opt for a weekday. If you have a big campus, I would bring comfortable shoes to walk in. If you bought new shoes to wear, try to break them in before the session. The last thing you want is to have throbbing feet! The pain will show in your face.

Just because they are graduation photos does not mean you have to wear your cap and gown the entire time. You can peel off layers. You can always hold the cap too if you don’t want to ruin your hair do. So make sure to wear a cute outfit underneath as eventually you will get portraits of just that. If you want all of your photos with the cap, gown and stole, then go for it too. Whatever you feel comfortable with, just know you are at liberty to choose. You can book longer sessions too if you want to have an outfit change.


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