Cuvier Park Engagement Photos | Colette + Ayala

December 15, 2020

Cuvier Park Engagement Photos | Colette + Ayala

As a San Diego engagement photographer, we truly are blessed with amazing weather! It can be fall / winter and we get super sunny days with amazing sunsets. For these Cuvier Park engagement photos | Colette + Ayala we got blazing skies, an amazing sunset and to top it off, it was low tide! Low tide reveals the underwater world.

There is a spot near Cuvier Park that has an epic pink wall! When we started it was still super sunny so I decided to start the engagement session there along with the rose garden that is nearby. I like to add as many diverse backdrops as possible.

While we were shooting at the pink wall, the actual homeowner arrived. This is the first time this happens and for a second I was worried she might be upset but quite the contrary! She opened up her garden and front yard for us to shoot photos. I mean the kindness of strangers is extra special! Your heart becomes full! I had this happen to me another time when I was shooting a wedding at Pacific Edge Hotel.

From the home we went back down to the park and made our way down the stone wall to the water. This engagement session was on a weekday day but as it’s winter, there weren’t too many people as there usually would be in the summertime. It may feel like summer but it’s still winter. The joys of being a San Diego photographer.

There is nothing I love more than low tide at Cuvier Park! It’s like being in the movie the Littler Mermaid. There is a whole underworld that gets exposed to you during low tide. I download every month the tide calendar so that I can know ahead of time what will be available to me.



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