ENGAGEMENT photos: Scripps Beach

October 28, 2018

ENGAGEMENT photos: Scripps Beach

One of my favorite San Diego engagement photoshoot couples!! They were so funnnn!! There was so much love!!! Their engagement part was happening in a week so we had to quickly have these engagement photos: Scripps Beach taken in the morning. I had informed them that I found great light at Scripps Beach in the morning and that it would still look romantic and beautiful! We found the light alright, but I think it was more of them brining the romance and beauty!

The tide was pretty high, but nothing rolled pants couldn’t help with. Until a big wave came in and then wardrobe changes were in order, but thankfully they had brought outfit changes. I like when people bring outfit changes because it diversifies the shoot and gives them a reboot.

This shoot, by the way, was right after San Diego experienced a random thunderstorm. I didn’t want to worry the bride to be, so we kept the scheduled shoot as is, it was still a little overcast in the morning but the sunshine did eventually breakthrough! That’s the one thing with outdoor photography, you have to roll with the punches with the weather. There is only so much you can manipulate and maneuver.  We patiently waited for that light to breakthrough, and thankfully we were rewarded!

When the sun did breakthrough, we got that beautiful golden glow! We even did the pier shots again! You can see the difference between overcast light and sunshine breaking free light! The high tide worked in our favor as you, the viewer, really feel like your feet are in the water too! Thankfully they are water lovers and didn’t mind getting their feet wet in the middle of October! You gotta love that San Diego Santa Ana weather!




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