Scripps Woods Family Photos – Otto

October 20, 2020

San Diego Fall family portraits started a bit early this season! I much prefer it so that families don’t feel rushed and wait till the last minute to get their families organized and outfits in order. I had so much fun wit these Scripps Woods family photos – Otto family was such an inspiration! Their kids were beyond well behaved! I told them they needed to write a parenting book asap!

The kids could not have been more excited with the family portrait location! Their eldest, he looooves to climb!! He gets it from his uncle. He had me running around all the different trees to capture him climbing up ALL of them!! Definitely a workout for me, not much for him.

Another sweet thing was that the kids would also look out for one another! The middle child, Charlotte, would sometimes fall over the twigs and branches and her older brother Jackson would make sure she was ok. Or if she ran off too far, he would tell her to stay close. I was just stunned and in awe of how sweet they all were with one another!

Laura and Nicholas would laugh when I said they should write a book. But I told them that parents would definitely benefit from their wise words and experiences! They mentioned how candy helps with bribing. Whatever it takes!

There were plenty of leaves on the ground, so of course I wanted some shots of Nicholas and Jackson throwing it up in the air. The more entertaining for the kids, the better! Who doesn’t love throwing leaves up in the air! I sure do!

It was difficult to get all three kids to look at the camera at the same time so you definitely need to have patience. Dance around, kick your feet, say their names, whatever you need to do to get their attention and get it towards your lens! Scripps Woods Family Photos – Otto



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